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Surf Specific Training

John wants to help you take your surfing performance to the next level and increase the longevity of your life in the sea through health and fitness techniques created specifically for surfers.

John Gannon has been surfing his whole life and has also been employed by some of the world’s best surfers, helping them to reach their full potential.

In 2008 Johnny accepted a role working full-time as a personal trainer with World Tour surfer Taj Burrow. Since then Taj he has won multiple events including the Pipeline Masters and has achieved four top five finishes.

Says Taj: “My surfing went to a new level doing surf specific training with Johnny and as a result I’m loving my surfing more than ever before. I feel more confident going for huge moves and riding big waves. I’ve also evaded injury in the past few years which I’d put down to being healthier, fitter and stronger. If I can benefit from surf specific training with Johnny, anyone can.”

Working closely with Taj for the past five years and training many of the world’s best surfers has helped Johnny create surf specific health and fitness practices that combine the latest science of the human body with modern training techniques. 

Johns training focus's on breath enhancement, strength, speed, power, flexibility, stability, injury prevention and nutrition.